Gemini AI : 10 times better Gpt 4

Gemini AI: This is an AI model which claims to be better than chat gpt. It has been created by Google company. It is faster than gpt 4 and works to take better decisions by storing more data in itself. The vision behind creating Gemini AI is to solve the problems faced by humans. Kyle T. Peterson is its chief A.I. officer and G. Antonio Sosa Pascual is its chief operations officer.

It wants to solve the problems faced by mankind with the help of AI and LLM so that mankind can increase its capabilities and find solutions. To develop human intelligence through discovery, innovation, transparency and adaptation. It takes data and turns it into actionable insights. In this, this AI model has been trained by humans using deep learning. Currently, it is being discussed in full swing, so we should know how this technology will affect our lives.

Gemini AI
Gemini AI

What is gemini AI?

This is Google’s AI language model which is being compared with gpt 4 because it is better than gpt 4 in every way whether it gives better and better performance in audio, text, picture, coding or all others. You can see the data related to it by visiting its official website. The most important prompt engineering in any AI model is that according to what you input, output is given accordingly. This shortcoming has been removed in this AI model. You can explain the AI model more easily.

You can generate any type of output through any input related to any topic. As they say anything to anything. Gemini AI has the ability to generate text and images simultaneously and also has the ability to generate any type of code.

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Google’s gemini AI model

Gemini google AI provides you three types of models in which nano, pro, ultra models –

Gemini Nano model

This model is designed for the purpose of using it in a mobile to complete a single task. It is designed for on device tasks.

gemini pro model

When the range of tasks becomes wide, then this AI model is used so that the consumer does not face any problem in it.

Gemini ultra model

It is designed to complete highly complex tasks. You can use all these models, for this you will have to contact Google or Deepmind company.

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How to use Gemini AI pro in Bard?

  • First of all you have to go to the official website
  • After this you have to go to technology option and select gemini.
  • After this you will see the option of bringing gemini pro to bard, click on it.
Gemini AI
  • This will take you to the official website of bard where you can use it.
  • In the coming time, you can use gemini google in google ai studio, google cloud vertex ai, it will be started on 13th December.

Gemini AI Era

The first version of AI model created by Google is Gemini 1.0 in which you get to see three models. Sundar Pichai says that this is the beginning of Gemini Era, in future you will see its upgraded version so that Google can also contribute to mankind in the field of AI. It talks about not just scratching the surface and contributing to all the technologies related to it. Which will take mankind into a new era.

Google launched DeepMind in early 2023 so that it could work better in the Gemini model. Google has repeatedly conducted experiments on Gemini to improve its performance and it has left GPT 4 behind.

Gemini AI

If you do not know, this model has been provided with data of 57 subjects so that it can become even better. In this, data of many subjects like math, physics, chemistry, law, medical field etc. has been provided.

Google’s technology

Synth ID, phenaki, alphafold, imagen, alphazero and muzero, alpha go, paLM2, paLM–SayCan, universal speech model, wave net, AlphaDev, AlphaCode, Alpha Tensor, alpha star, Gemini, all these are Google’s technologies which are used in every field. Is working. This is called Gemini era.

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Gemini AI review

You must have heard a lot of single model in which you can generate only one thing either text or audio but this model will give you the option to generate text, audio, video, code all together and use them. This is the largest AI model so far in which multimodal model has been used. In the coming time, this Gemini AI of Google will give you such surprises which did not happen even after the invention of the smartphone.

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After its release, you can use it very easily. Many companies working in this field have increased their speed so that they do not lag behind Google. Google is building such an interconnect system that in the coming time, Google will have all the AI models required to make a robot human-like.


Question: google Gemini ai release date?

Answer: It will be launched on 16 December 2023, after this you can use it in every application.

Question: google Gemini ai sign up?

Answer: To sign up in this, you will only need Gmail ID, you can easily login into it.

Question: how to access Google Gemini AI?

Answer: Go to Google Deep Mind which is its official website and select Gemini in technology and you can start using it.

Question: google Gemini ai login?

Answer: First of all you have to sign up in it, once your ID is created then you can login into Gemini and use it.


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