How will Artificial General Intelligence change the future?

Artificial general intelligence: You must have heard this word somewhere or the other, it is called AGI in short form.  AGI is a computer brain that will work like a human but better than a human. Whatever AI we are seeing around us right now is a weak AI, it is used only for one task.  For example, any AI tool is made only for one task, like look at chat Gpt, it only gives you the answer and does not generate an image, similarly other tools do only one task.

 Therefore, it is very important for us to understand what AI, AGI, ASI are, only then we will understand today’s topic and its future use.  At present there is only AI, still people are losing their jobs, fake videos of people are being made, most of the artistic work is being done by AI. Imagine what its upgrade will do.  Today we will know about all these things and how it will affect mankind.

Artificial General Intelligence
Artificial General Intelligence

 What is AI, AGI, ASI?

 We can understand AI as artificial brain which is created by humans and we can use it in computers, robots, humanoids etc.  There two types of AI: weak AI and strong AI.  All the AI we see in the market right now is weak AI.  When Strong AI is created, we will call it AGI or ASI.

Artificial General Intelligence
Artificial General Intelligence

 For example, suppose AI is the brain of a child, AGI is the brain of a 20 year old boy and ASI is the brain of an intelligent person like Einstein.  What we are seeing right now is happening only through the mind of a 6 month old child. Imagine when this AI turns 20 years old, that is to say, when it becomes so intelligent that it can do many tasks simultaneously, then what can it not do.

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Future use of artificial general intelligence

 In the future, when AGI is created, humans will get most of their work done through AGI. Humans will just give commands and AI will do it.  Right now AI has problem in command, hence people are having to learn prompt engineering.  But in the future, people will make AI able to understand things through every medium, so that any AI will be able to understand things in the same way as human being can understand another human being.  Some time ago you must have heard the name of Q star. It is a project of open AI in which these people are making AGI, that is why Sam Altman was removed from his CEO post.

Artificial General Intelligence
Artificial General Intelligence

 Mankind will have to do something for the safety of AGI from now on so that when an AI becomes more powerful, it does not harm humans.  Because it will still have internet, you cannot destroy it completely.  He can also play with your mind without you even realizing it and the company will take that decision.  Therefore, we should keep exploring it but its other aspect, safety, should not be ignored.

 In future, when it will establish its foothold everywhere in army, actor, security, health, industry, entertainment, then we will see many jobs getting destroyed.  Some people believe that the way we behave with an animal, in the same way when AGI is created, it will treat humans like animals because they will feel that this species is very backward.  This sounds quite dangerous, so we have to identify such loop holes in advance so that AGI can be controlled.

Otherwise, just think that you have freed the most intelligent mind of the world, then if it is good then it will do good to the world and if it becomes bad then it will cause harm to mankind.  We will have to leave this decision to AI.  Therefore, we need to understand more about any artificial intelligence brain and how it can do good to humans and not harm them.

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 Right now people are in danger only from AGI, think what will happen when ASI becomes what is called artificial super intelligence, it will affect the human race to such an extent that you can never even imagine.  You must have seen our Avengers movie that how Ultron, an ASI robot, wanted to change the world. This would actually happen if humans created ASI quickly, then we would definitely get caught in this dilemma.

Artificial General Intelligence
Artificial General Intelligence

 Therefore, we need to pay more attention to stop it so that we have the solution to stop it in the future, otherwise the human race will not be called the smartest race on earth, then the humanoid robots made by ASI will be called the smartest race and if we look at history,  So the stronger species always wins.  Nowadays, thousands of companies are engaged in creating AI. If by mistake we create it before time then understand that we will not be able to handle it.  Right now the world is not even ready for this, some people still do not know anything about the Internet, hence doing this discovery before time will only lead to destruction which people like you will not be able to stop.

 The government should make rules and regulations for this from now on because if any AI does wrong work then even today no punishment or action is taken against it and we will have to suffer the consequences of this.  Therefore, the government should take small steps on this from now on.

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 In the above article I have only given my views on how an AGI and ASI can become a threat to us in the future.  If you also want to give your thoughts then comment below and what can happen that an AI can do in the future.  You can also share its solution.  So that people can discuss about this now and understand how important it is.  Thank you

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