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Dibs AI: This is an artificial intelligence tool with the help of which you can get braces installed on your teeth easily and at low cost. It includes sure release technology with nonstick trays. With the help of this tool, you can easily get braces fitted by taking a 3D scan of your teeth.

You can order it by visiting Myorthoselect website. This tool is very beneficial for those doctors who are associated with this field, they can take good benefits by cutting their costs. This will not have much impact on the customers, they will also have to pay fewer dollars. Today, companies like asiga, sprint ray, Owen are using this AI tool.

What is dibs AI?

This tool has been made by an American company orthoselect whose president is Steve Gardner. He and his team have created an orthodontic case setup by mixing software and hardware. Which will save dollars for any dentist or braces company.

This company is located in American Fork, their team includes 5 people. Who have built it ? If you also want to buy or use this product or AI tool, then we will provide you all the information about it.

Dibs AI


How does Dibs AI work?

  • First you have to take an intraoral scan of a person’s teeth. For this, RX form will have to be applied in the teeth. You have to take this in .STL files format.
  •  After that you have to upload it to the computer.
  •  Then this software will tell you the exact point of the braces and where they can be installed.
  •  After this, if you want, you can edit it and set the braces at the right place.

Dibs AI

  •  After this, their 3D model will prepare and give you a model of it.
  •  Then you have to put it on the teeth which will fit exactly in the right place.
  •  With this you can easily make braces for any teeth.
  •  This will save both dollars and time of any doctor and if you do this work on a large scale then it will work as cost-cutting for you. This can save your millions of dollars.

Who are the partners of Dibs AI?

Alo, sprint ray, Owen, asiga, braces on demand, american orthodontics, 3 M, formlabs, orthopartner, orthopartner digital, centreline, milident, shanto dental etc. companies are its partners.

Dibs AI login

  •  After this you will reach the website home page.
  •  Where you will see the option of login, you have to click on it.
  •  In this you will see three options named splints, dibs AI software, study models.
  •  Among these you have to click on dibs AI option.
  •  After this you have to enter your email ID and password.
  •  Then you will be logged in.
  •  If you have not created your ID in this then you will see the option of sign up.
  •  You have to create ID first by clicking on it.
  •  Then you have to log in.

Dibs AI

Where to buy Dibs AI?

If you are also looking for this type of tool, then your wait is over, you can order it by visiting orthoselect website. You can sign in by visiting their home page. And you can order. Or if you want, you can take the demo first. It is simpler, streamlined, accurate and cost-effective.

Dibs AI pricing

If you want to get this AI tool then you will have to pay $995 which includes one time setup and support fee. Full case setup fee is $165. If you want, you can buy it by going to their office and you can order it online.

What needs to be purchased with Dibs AI?

If you want, you can buy only dibs AI from them, apart from this you can also buy 3D print model. Along with this, digital splints can also be taken.

The future of Dibs Artificial intelligence 

In the coming time, most of the companies will start using it, its price is low and it cuts your cost so that you can save dollars. About 14% of people in America get braces, so you can imagine how many dollars you can save. It is very simple and very effective. In the coming future, most of the work is going to be done by AI. People should just know prompt engineering and AI will do all the work.


If you do any work related to this on a large scale, then you should definitely try it once. You can learn about it by taking its demo so that you can get information about it. Then you can use it in your works.


Question: How much does dibs AI cost?

Answer: You will get dibs Artificial intelligence for $995. If you want its full setup then you will have to pay another $165.

Question: Where can I buy dibs AI?

Answer: You can buy it by going to orthoselect.com.

Question: Will the company install and provide dibs AI?

Answer: The first setup of this Artificial Intelligence tool will be done by the company, so you should be absolutely tension free from this.

Question: Is dibs AI software usefull?

Answer: Yes, this AI tool will help you a lot in cost-cutting and it will save your time.

Question: How many days does it take to get braces done with dibs AI tool?

Answer: If you want, you can get braces installed with its help in a day.

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