Magnific AI : Image UpScaler & Enhancer

Magnific AI: This is an AI tool which is used to upscale and enhance any image. Along with enhancing the quality of any image, it creates the photo as per the prompt given by you. It edits the image at the point at which you want to edit the image. In this you get 4 types of modes: upscle, enhance, denoise, DeJPEG. This is a user friendly AI tool which will create pictures in all types of formats like jpg, png, BMP, TIFF and GIF etc.

Before downloading any picture, you can preview and compare it so that you can understand the difference between the two photos. And you will be able to edit better. You can use this tool to convert old photos into HD. You can edit the picture by zooming it in this tool. This tool is created by Javi Lopez and Emilio Nicolas. He first bestaiprompt. Art has also been created which costs 99 dollars.

What is Magnific AI?

Based on deep learning and machine learning inspired by Generative AI, this tool works like an image enhancer and upscaler. This tool gives you 4x zoom without compromising quality. It improves the quality, resolution and sharpness of your picture. The colors and textures given in it are more realistic and natural which increases the quality of the image.

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Features of Magnific AI

  • In this you can set creativity, HDR, anchor etc.
  • It helps you in improving all types of pictures like portraits, illustration, video game, landscape, science fiction, fantasy, films, graphics design, architecture, interior design and food etc. and it also works better in all these styles. Does.
  • It tries to upscale portraits to the best of their brightness, color, quality, detailing etc.

  • The company claims that this is a better tool for both beginners and AI artists.
  • You can use this tool everywhere like graphic design, photography, artist, business, blog image, cover photo, profile photo etc.
  • In this, you can increase or decrease the quality of the picture by setting its length and width as per your convenience.
  • You can also edit it as per your prompt.

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Magnific AI pricing

In this you get to see three types of plans which are as follows –

Pro plan: Its price is $39 per month.

Premium plan: Its price is $99 per month.

Business plan: Its price is $299 per month.

If you take its annual plan, you will also get some % discount. You can cancel its subscription at any time. You will not have to pay any separate charge for this. They will not give you refund on canceling the subscription.

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How to use Magnific AI?

This tool has not been launched yet, its website has been activated but you cannot login and use it. As soon as it is launched, we will give you all the information on how to login into it and how to use it. It will be launched by next month. Till then you can subscribe to it.

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Magnific AI waitlist

Magnific AI
  • After this click on join the waitlist.
  • After this you have to subscribe to it by entering your gmail ID so that you will know when this tool comes in the market.
Magnific AI
  • After this, a new page will open in which you can see the message of coming soon.
  • You can also see the waitlist in this, till now 4000 people have subscribed to it.
Magnific AI

Magnific AI alternative

Till this tool is not launched, you can use other tools which are as follows –


This tool can upscale png and jpg images, it is also available in play store and apple store. Its starter plan is also very cheap which is 19 dollars per year.

Vance AI

This tool is made for windows and desktop, in this you get the option to edit and upscale the image by taking credit.


About 15 million people are using this tool. It can be used on both iPhone and Android. It has many options for image editing which is beneficial for both an AI artist and beginners.

Apart from this, there are some other tools whose list is given below –

AI Image editing tool

  • Clipdrop
  • img2go
  • Nero AG
  • Aiseesoft
  • Clip drop
  • iLoveIMG
  • Zero
  • upscale pics
  • cutout pro

Magnific AI review

Magnific ai tool is making a lot of promises but it remains to be seen whether it will live up to its promise when it is launched. It has less features but the company promises their quality. Because if this tool is not able to provide quality at this price, then there are many tools in the market at lower prices which are doing good work. Therefore, the company will have to fulfill the promises made for this tool to increase its credibility.


This is a very expensive tool, so you should subscribe to it only after using its trial version. Although this tool has not been launched yet, it will be launched soon. Then we will tell you the complete process from login to usage. Till then stay connected with us like this. Thank you


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