Fabularis Art AI : Stories for Children created with AI tool

Fabularis Art AI: An AI tool that helps you in creating children’s stories. With this artificial intelligence tool, you can easily create stories for children aged 1 to 14 years, in which you get to see features like uniqueness, educational, premium illustration, total personalization. Whereas other AI tools give you features like mass production, normal stories, poor illustration, the company claims.

If you want to see book examples of this, then you can see books like cube of kindness, island whispers and parrot secrets, turtle Island adventure, Clara jungle jamboree. Through this you will know about the story created by this tool. And you will be able to imagine how effective this tool is for you.

What is Fabularis art AI?

Before proceeding further, let us know about this tool and what kind of technology it works on? In this you get to see AI like generative technology, neural network, image generative, text generation, deep learning, machine learning. Who keeps helping you by staying in the background. This tool has been launched recently.

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How to create children’s book with Fabularis art AI?

Fabularis Art AI
credit:- Fabularis.Art
  • When you reach its home page, you have to click on create your tale.
  • Which will take you to the next page, in which you have to fill information like genre, scenario, objective, language etc.

Genre:- In this genre you get the option of fantasy, adventure, fairy tale, myths and legends, science fiction, magic, school life, exploration, sports, mystery, choose any one of these.

Fabularis Art AI
credit:- Fabularis.Art

Scenario:- In Scenario you get the options of urban, rural, space, underwater, jungle, desert, mountain, island, futuristic city, choose any one.

Objective:- In this you get options to improve courage, learn honesty, understand empathy, build resilience, learn to co-operate, improve problem solving, enhance creativity, promote kindness, learn about friendship and understand responsibility.

Language:- With this you can write your story in languages like English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Romanian.

  • After this, you have to click on the next button, it will take you to a new page, in this you have to fill all the information like name, age, gender, hair color, hair style, skin color, eye color, height, body structure, email.

Hair colour: black, brown, blonde, redhead

Skin colour: very fair, fair, light brown, medium brown, dark brown

Fabularis Art AI
credit:- Fabularis.Art

Eye colour: brown, blue, green, gray

Height: short, medium, tall

Body structure : slender , average , sturdy

  • After this you have to press the next button, then a link will reach your email ID, click on it and confirm the email ID.
Fabularis Art AI
credit:- Fabularis.Art
  • After this you can generate the book by paying for your book.

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Features of Fabularis art AI

  • He writes all the stories in a new way, all of them are unique.
  • Educational value is hidden in these stories from which the child learns many values of his life in childhood.
  • In Fabularis art AI tool you can do mass production, character maker, premium illustration, total personalization, mass production etc.


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  • Its price is also low. The price of this book is 6.95 dollars, which is the price of PDF only, but due to Black November, you will also get 30% off on it.
  • You can download this book in PDF and also get its physical version.
  • You can create 3 stories for free in this.
  • If you sign up for the first time, you will get 10% off.
  • You can also join its social media platforms Instagram, Pinterest, email.

How to contact Fabularis art AI?

You can send them mail on this email ID.

Email ID :- hey@fabularis.com

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Fabularis art AI reviews

Fabularis art AI is a good story generator in which AI has been used. Its special thing is that this tool has been specially made for children so that moral values can be imparted in them from childhood. If you want to tell stories with images to a child, then this tool will help you.

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Educating children through stories has always been a good option in any family. You can easily make a story and narrate that story to the children. If you want, you can tell many stories at once. The biggest thing is that you also get to see the picture in it, you can design the character’s name, face etc.

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