Sam Altman was dismissed as Open AI CEO

Recently on Friday, Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO of Chat Gpt, has been removed from his post. This is not the first time that the co-founder of a company is being removed from the post of CEO. Earlier, Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs was removed in 1985 and recently, Bharat Pay’s co-founder Ashneer Grover was also removed. Is . The reason for removing Sam Altman is that the company has said that now he is unable to lead the company, that is why he had to be removed from the post of CEO. But he is still holding the post of President.

Sam Altman

Open AI has made its chief technical officer Mira Murati the acting CEO so that the company’s operations continue smoothly.

Sam Altman
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Due to this incident, statements of many people have started coming on Twitter. Satya Nadella has also given a statement on this issue on Twitter. Because Microsoft and Open AI had made several agreements some time ago regarding AI technology.

Below you can see Sam Altman’s response. Which he has given on Twitter.

Let me tell you that today the value of open AI company is 90 billion dollars, keeping this in mind the former CEO of Google has praised him.

Currently, Sam Altman has a big role in the field of AI. He has changed the picture of the future by creating AI tools like chat GPT. This tool helps you in blogging, generating text, answering your questions, coding etc. Today, big people are praising the hard work of Sam Altman on Twitter, how a small company established itself in Silicon Valley and became a 90 billion dollar company.

after this incident, Greg Brockman, who was the co-founder and president of Open AI, had resigned from his post. He has written a post on Twitter saying that I am proud that we started it from a small apartment 8 years ago.

A new CEO will be announced in the coming time. Currently, Chief Engineer Meera has been made its acting CEO so that the post of CEO does not remain vacant in the company. This announcement was given by the company on Friday.

Leaders like Eric Schmidt, Brian Chesky, Satya Nadella etc. said that we cannot forget the work done by Sam Altman, he has made an important contribution in the field of AI, which had brought a revolution in the field of AI. We hope that Sam Altman will continue to contribute like this and prepare the world for AI.

What is Chat GPT?

This is an Artificial Intelligence tool which has been created by Open AI Company. Through this tool, you can use AI to create art, pictures, text, data analysis, coding etc. along with it, you can use it to create other tools.

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Who is Sam Altman?

He is the co-founder of the open AI company that created Chat Gpt. He was born in 1980 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

The future of open AI without Sam Altman

The company has not yet given the exact reason for the removal of Sam Altman. There is no information about it yet, but obviously the statement given by the company does not confirm that he is no longer capable and hence he has been removed. There must be politics behind the company behind this. Now it remains to be seen how the company keeps itself standing on its feet. It is not a common thing for a small company to become such a big company. There may be a decline in the company’s shares in the future.

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You should know that today 5000 to 10000 AI tools have come in the market and proving oneself in such a time has become a big challenge. Gradually the number of these AI tools is going to increase, now it remains to be seen how open AI survives itself in the market. Will it continue to grow like this or will its stock fall sharply? Only the coming time will be able to tell.

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