Janitor AI : Make your favorite heroine your Girlfriend [Best Ai Character Generate in 5 Second]

Janitor AI mod apk: This is an AI tool which is used to create your anime and cartoon characters. After creating these characters people fulfill their fantasy. In this you get the option to create characters like male, female, non binary, oc, fictional, real etc. There are at least 50 categories in it and 14096 characters have been created so far with whom you can talk.

Keep in mind that it can do both types of chat. It is also made for 18+ chat. When you create your character, you will be given the option to choose limited or limitless option. If you choose limitless option then you will be 18+ You can talk.

What is Janitor AI chat?

This is an AI chat tool which is made for 18+ people. This app is very useful for those who want to fulfill their fantasy and are very lonely. You can talk about anything of your choice in it. You can also talk romantically with them. If you want, you can play games with them. It provides you an opportunity to create any kind of character. Its interface is very easy, you just have to sign up by creating an ID, after that you have to create a character. If you want, you can talk to any character given in it. It contains approximately 15,000 characters.

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Janitor AI login

  • First of all you have to go to janitorai.com.
  • After this you will see the option of register in the right corner, click on it.
Janitor AI
  • After clicking on this, a new page will open in front of you, in this you can sign up through twitter, discord or you can sign up by entering email and password.
  • If you are under 18 then do not sign up in this, this AI tool is only for 18+ people.
  • After entering ID and password, click on register.
Janitor AI
  • Then a link will be sent to you in which you have to fill information like your name, username, about etc.
  • After this you can come back to the website and login.

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create a character in Janitor AI free ( How to use janitor ai character )

  • By going to the official website Janitor AI app, you have to click on create a character.
  • After this you have to enter the name of that character, you can name it whatever you want.
  • You can upload the avatar, remember it should be in png file.
  • You can tell about that character by writing a short introduction.
  • Then you will get male , female , non binary , celebrity , original character , fictional , real , game , anime , historical , royalty , detective, hero , villain , magical , non human , monster , monster girl , robot , alien , political character , vampire , giants , eif , multiple , vtuber , open AI , dominate , submissive , Pokemon , assistant , non English , rpg , religion , books , scenario , open AI etc.
Janitor AI
  • Then you will describe its personality.
  • After this you will type the initial message i.e. what will be the first message your character will send.
  • After this is done, you have to describe a scenario in which context the character will talk.
  • Immediately after this you have to fill the example dialogs.
  • To create this character you will need 2 tokens.
  • After all these things are done, you have to click on create character.
  • After this you can use this character.

Features of Janitor AI mobile

  • This is a better AI tool to create a friend, girlfriend who talks to you by creating a character.
  • You can gather more information about this tool by joining Twitter and discord.
  • In this you can also publish your chat.
  • In this, users can also give reviews of all the characters.
  • In this you can chat with the character created by the people.

How to prepare API in Janitor AI pro?

  • You have to go to any character and click on chat.
  • After this you will see the option of api not ready click to setup.
  • After clicking on it, you have to choose one of these three options: janitor LLM beta, open AI, kobold AI.

Open AI API key

  • If you choose open AI then first you have to choose one of its models gpt 3.5-turbo, gpt -3.5 turbo -1106, gpt 3.5-turbo-16k, gpt 4, gpt 4-32k, gpt4 – 1106 preview. .
Janitor AI
  • After this, choose any one option among my own API key, reverse proxy.
  • Then you have to click on check API key and press the save setting button.
  • Your API will be ready.
  • Now you can easily chat with any character.

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Janitor AI API key

If you click on janitorLLM beta then you just have to click on save setting and your API will be ready. If you want, you can put advanced prompt in it.

Janitor AI

Kobold AI API key

If you choose this option then you will have to enter the koboldAI api url, after this it will check it, if it is correct then you can use these characters by going to save setting and clicking on it.

Janitor AI character example

Lilian Yan – dommy police worker , atlas , rich kid – Wayne Monroe , Angelo giovanna – famboy wife , Ricky – ice cold prince , zoo escaper , Cruz , Garrick Brahms , anton , taskforce 141 , baekhyun , peter , Henry ,Elijah , dh roomate , Maya the neet gf , loner , naomi , elio warren , volleyball student , tattoo artist , stanley davies , min seobin etc.

Janitor AI explore

In this you will also see the option of limited only. Apart from this, option of following, trending, most popular, female, male, anime, game, all tags/category will be given in it.

Janitor AI review

This is a good tool to overcome loneliness. If you are single and want to fulfill your fantasy then you can use this tool. Its interface is easy, you will not face much technical problem in it. You can use it easily so it is user friendly. Its thousands of characters will help you by becoming assistant, friend, bf, gf etc.

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If you are 18+ then you can use this tool, it is a safe AI tool but keep in mind that you will have to set the API first, only then you will be able to use it. To know the categories of these characters, you can visit their official website, although we have mentioned some of their categories above in this article.



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