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Sonara AI: This AI platform designed for job search finds jobs for you as per your requirement. Manually applying separately for each job is very time consuming. To overcome this problem, it has been created so that once people fill their information, this AI tool will do the remaining work. It will help you in every job as per your qualification. Will apply and give. So that you don’t have to type every time.

This is the first AI system which is working in the field of job. First of all, you have to tell this AI what kind of job you are looking for, after that it will find the job for you and will also apply on your behalf. This will save your time. It will help you in finding your dream job so that you can get a good job and do your work happily.

What is Sonara AI?

An AI system created to find and apply for jobs, which automatically finds jobs for you and you just have to enter all your information, experience, education etc. once so that this AI can know which job you are interested in. It will tell you by applying if you are qualified for it. Today we will know how to login into it and how to enter your data in it so that AI can easily find a job for you.

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How to login to Sonara AI?

  • First of all you have to go to the official website
Sonara AI
CREDIT:- Sonara.AI
  • After this you will click on try sonara.
  • Which will take you to the next page, in this you can sign up with Google and LinkedIn.
Sonara AI
CREDIT:- Sonara.AI
  • After this you will be logged in.

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How to find a job with Sonara AI?

  • First of all, you have to sign up and create an ID so that you can login into it.
  • After this, the option of let’s get started will appear, below which the option of continue will be given, you have to click on continue.
Sonara AI
CREDIT:- Sonara.AI
  • After this you will be asked whether you are with us or not, if yes then confirm.
  • After this you have to fill the job titles and what kind of job you want. If you want, you can fill multiple job titles simultaneously.
  • Then tell your experience, there is an option of entry, intermediate, advanced, experienced, expert, choose any one.
  • Enter your location i.e. the name of the city so that the job can be found near you.
  • This will complete your step 1.
  • After this you will start seeing jobs.

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How to apply for job in Sonara AI?

  • When you complete all the above processes, you will be able to easily login and give all your job information.
Sonara AI
CREDIT:- Sonara.AI
  • After this, many vacancies will open in front of you. The company in which the job is vacant will start showing.
  • Then you will have to take one of their plans.
  • When you take their plan, it will automatically apply for all the jobs for which you qualify.

Sonara AI price

There are 4 types of plans available in this which are as follows –

Free trial: It gives you a free trial of 5 days. It will give you all the features of pulse plan for free for 5 days.

Pulse: Its price is 19.99 dollars per month, in this you can do 21 posts per week, out of which AI will do 10 posts itself, the rest will have to be done by you yourself. You can apply for a total of 90 posts in the entire month.

Accelerate: Its price is $49.99 per month. Apply for 240 posts in a month and 100 posts will be added by Sonara AI in a month.

Amplitude: Its price is $79.99 per month. You can post total 450 posts per month.

Sonara AI review

This tool is best for finding and applying for jobs. You can easily do all the work with its help, you just have to enter your information once. He will do the remaining work himself. It helps you to find jobs according to the city. This is the best AI app to find jobs in America.


You should definitely try this AI tool run by Generative AI, it is no less than a boon for any unemployed person. This will help you in getting the best job and getting a good salary. The most important thing is that it does not ask you again and again to apply for the job. You just have to complete your form once. Then it will do all the work itself.

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