Voicify AI : create AI cover and voice

Voicify AI: text to voice AI tool with the help of which you can create the voice of your favorite person. You can see this tool on Tik Tok, ft.com, Yahoo. It gives you voice generation with AI cover. It will help you in creating promotions, youtube shorts, tiktok videos, memes.

This AI tool is a tool based on generative AI technology which generates voice using deep learning. AI vocal tools, AI models are seen in it. Which provides you many types of voice styles.

What is voicify AI?

Text to audio converter, this tool designed for create conversion provides you a combination of cover + voice which will allow you to convert any text, song in voice to your favorite person. By using this you can increase your followers and show your creativity. If you are a singer yourself then you can make better use of this also. In this you can create text to audio with cover i.e. video.

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voicify AI pricing

In this tool you get to see 3 types of plans, the price of which is as follows –

Credits: Its price is 4.79 dollars. In this you get 25 credits per month. You can make shareable videos in it.

Creator: Its price is $14.99 per month in which you get unlimited credits. Custom models are available for 3 months. Priority queue facility is available.

Power user: Its price is 54 dollars per month, along with unlimited credit, you also get early access in it.

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How to use voicify AI?

  • First of all you have to go to the official website voicify.ai.
  • After this you have to login into it and then click on get started.
  • After this, a new page will open in front of you in which you will get to see thousands of voice models.
  • Select any one of these.
  • When you select one, you will see two options: create conversion and text to speech.

Create conversion

When you click on it, you have to put your YouTube link in it or if you have any audio file, then you have to put it. After this you click on generate AI cover. You will get its cover.

voicify AI
credit:- voicify.AI

Text to speech

As soon as you click on it, you have to enter text in it, whatever you want to call, select the language, expression and decide the speed and click on convert text. You will get voice.

voicify AI
credit:- voicify.AI

voicify AI vocal toolkit

It provides you AI tools like AI Acapella extractor, AI reverb remover, AI silence remover. With the help of which you can set the vocal even better.

How to login voicify AI?

First of all you have to go to the official website and click on sign up, then after that you have to login with Gmail. After this, you can go to upgrade and upgrade or credit any one of its plans. Because without credit it does not let you use the AI tool for free.

voicify AI features

In this you get to see many types of AI models, in this you can also check your history to see which AI models you have used before. In this, you can create AI model by going to custom models. Affiliate marketing is another way you can make money.

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You can use it to generate a song and create a new video by using the voice of another singer in another song. Although this is not a free tool, so you cannot use it for free, but you can trial it by putting some credit in it, if you like its voice then you can upgrade it. thanks

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