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Lunch break AI: Software or AI tool that helps you in writing an essay, writing a blog, writing a story by a writer etc. Due to the use of Artificial Intelligence in it, this tool talks to you about a topic in all its dimensions so that you can generate a better and better essay or content. This tool will be useful only for students, writers or such people who write essays, check grammar and see whether the content has been written by any AI and if it has been written then how to write it in human style.

You find many such tools in the internet which do such work but due to it being a weak AI, no AI is able to work well in every field, hence it is important that we have such a tool which can do only one task so that it can be better. Will Work . Until AGI is discovered, we will have to work with weak AI, so whenever you use any AI tool, keep in mind that that AI tool should be for only one task, only then it will work better in it. Lunchbreak AI is an example of this which only works as an essay generator.

What is Lunch break AI?

Lunch break artificial intelligence is an essay generator that will generate essays ranging from 500 words to thousands of words. In this you are asked the type of essay, in which style you want to write a topic like – for the purpose of giving information, for the purpose of making a report, for the purpose of convincing someone or to tell a story about a topic. Is . If you want, you can generate a story and write new stories.


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Today we will tell you the use of lunch break, how you can use it, what is its price, how can it benefit you. For this, stay connected with us so that you should not face any problem when you use it.

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Lunch break AI pricing

This tool shows you only two types of plans, one of which is free and the other is paid.

Free: When you login only with Gmail, you can get an essay written in it whose word limit will be 500 to 750 words. With this free tool any student can write the best essay in his class.

Pro: It costs $14.99 per month. If you want to take its trial, you can use an essay of up to 2000 words for free for 7 days. If you do not want to use it, you can cancel the trial. In this plan you can generate 10,000 words in a month. Whatever essay will be written through this will be factual based and will bypass AI detection, no one will know that you have written this essay through any AI tool. If you take its annual plan then you can generate unlimited words.

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How to login to Lunch break AI?

  • First of all you have to go to its official website
  • After this you will see the option of enter your email or sign in with Google.
Lunch break AI
  • Click on any one of these options, you will directly sign in and reach its dashboard.
  • When you reach its home page, you will get three options – essay generator, detect and humanize, saved essay, with the help of which you can generate and detect your essay.

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How does Lunch break AI work?

This tool has mastered only one task, which reduces errors and its interface is very easy. We will see its complete process below.

How to generate essay with Lunch break artificial intelligence?

  • You have to login and reach its homepage.
Lunch break AI
  • Then you have to click on essay generator, after this a page will open on the side.
  • In which you have to enter the title of your topic in your essay title.
  • Then you have to explain the topic about which you need information in detail on please input your essay topic so that this AI tool gives you only the content that you need.
  • After this you go to essay type and choose one of these options. Expository – inform, descriptive – report, argumentative – convince, narrative – tell a story.
  • Then you have to select word count. Select how many words of essay you want to generate.
  • Then click on generate outline.
  • It will generate and give you many topics, you will select one of these topics. Or if you want, you can tell your custom topic.
Lunch break AI
  • Then you have to click on continue to references.
  • It will give you a lot of references, you have to choose any one of those references and click on generate essay.
Lunch break AI
  • After this it will generate the essay and give it to you. In which you will get headings of introduction, topic information, conclusion, citations.
  • This will tell whether it will be caught in the AI detector or not. If words appear in red color, then you have to make this content human written by clicking on humanize.
Lunch break AI

How to check AI content by Lunch break AI?

  • You have to go to the official website and click on detect and humanize.
  • After this paste the content you want to check.
Lunch break AI
  • After this you click on detect AI, the content generated by AI will be highlighted in red color.
  • Then you can make this content written by humans by clicking on humanize.

How to find saved essay in Lunch break AI?

You will go to the official website and see the option of right side saved essay in its dashboard, click on it. In this, all the essays generated by you will be shown.

Lunch break AI
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If you want to give feedback about this tool, then click on its dashboard and click on Feedback and share your experience. By the way, this tool is a better essay generator AI tool, more than 60,000 students have used it so far. You can know more about it by writing an essay in it.

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Essay generator is very important for students and writers because they get information about any topic at one place in concrete form so that they can easily understand their research or topic. And children can complete college and school projects with it.


Question: is free ?

Answer: Yes, yes, you can use lunch break AI for free. You can generate an essay of 500 to 700 words for free on a Gmail I’d.

Question: Is lunch break AI in reddit?

Answer: You will find this AI tool only in Instagram, YouTube, TikTok social media platforms Or you can use it by visiting its official website.

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