Joyland AI : 2023 Best Bot Generator

joyland AI: If you want to create a bot then joyland will help you in this. With this artificial intelligence Joyland tool, you can easily create bots like anime, dating, OC, text adventure, games character, vtuber. Whatever character you want to create, you can create a bot with the name of that character, it will talk to you like that character. Joyland artificial intelligence gives you the opportunity to talk with multiple characters at once.

It provides features like community, toolkit, joybook, chats, create bots. In this, you can avail its benefits by logging in from any social media like Google, Discord, Apple. It is used just like a social media, in this you can talk to any other bot or the bot created by you and review it. I can like and dislike. This will determine the rating of that character and it will start showing at the top of its home page.

 What is joyland AI?

A platform made up of Machine learning, Neural networks, natural language processing, Deep learning with the help of which you can generate new bots and chat with them. This tool works better in English language because its basic language is English, apart from this it also talks in other languages but there is difficulty in understanding other languages properly.

Some characters in this tool are for 18+ people, if anyone under 18 is viewing this then do not use those characters which talk adult. The biggest reason behind creating these platforms is the increasing expectations of people. Nowadays, people like to talk to their favorite character, make girlfriends, boyfriends, that is why the company has created such platforms which help you in fulfilling your fantasy. Let’s do it.

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Features of Joyland AI

  •  In this you get to see thousands of AI bots or characters.
  •  You can chat with these bots.
  •  It shows many characters from different fields like anime, games, movie, helper, celebrity, cartoon, japanese etc.
  •  Its special thing is that if you create a character and do not want to make it public, then you can keep it private.
  •  If you make that character public then other people will be able to talk to that character along with you.
  •  He will increase the rating of that character due to which your name will appear in the leaderboard.

  •  The interface of this tool is very simple and any new person can easily use it.
  •  You can also show your chat in public.
  •  In one of its features, joybook, you can see your chat or other people’s chat. This will let you know what the correct prompts should be for talking to a character.
  •  People from every country are using this chat, due to which you get to see all types of characters in this platform.
  •  In this you can create a character or bot in three ways.
  •  You can create a new bot by writing everything like image, voice, name, style, gender etc. as per your choice.

How to login to Joyland AI?

  •  First of all you have to go to the official website
Joyland AI
credit:- Joyland AI website
  •  The option of side sign up will appear on the top right corner. Click on it.
  •  Then a new page will open in front of you in which you will be asked with whom you want to login or sign up.
Joyland AI
credit:- Joyland AI website
  •  You have to login or sign up with any one ID like gmail, discord, apple.
  •  After this you will reach its dashboard, then if you want, you can create a character or talk to any other character.

 How to create a bot in Joyland AI?

  •  By visiting the official website, you have to first login and reach its dashboard.
Joyland AI
credit:- Joyland AI website
  •  You will see an option in the left corner in which the option of create bots will be visible. Click on it .
  •  Then you will be given three options, quick create, advance create, game, choose any one of these options.
Joyland AI
credit:- Joyland AI website

 quick create

  •  When you choose this option, you have to upload json, png file.
  •  This will be the file of a character card.
Joyland AI
credit:- Joyland AI website
  •  You can upload a PNG file of any character present in this website. If you want, you can download the png file of the character from any other website.
  •  After this, you just have to upload that file in it, this tool will create a bot of it and give it to you.

advanced create

  •  When you click on it, a new page will open in front of you.
  •  In this you have to choose name, short description of character, avatar (image, AI generated, gif).
  •  After this you will choose the category, it has categories like anime, dating, oc, games, game character, BL and ABO, vTuber, movie and TV, celebrity, helper, cartoon, companionship, japanese etc.
Joyland AI
credit:- Joyland AI website
  •  After this, its visibility has to be selected in which three types of options are available private, unlisted, public.
  •  Character descriptions, greeting, gender, age, fact and knowledge, dialogue example, character voice, character image etc. have to be entered.
  •  If you want, you can also see the chat preview to see how your character will talk after being created.
  •  After this, click on create and chat, your bot will be ready.
  •  Then you can easily talk to this bot.

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  •  If you click on game, you can create a character that will have a story that will be inspired by a game story.
  • In this you have to fill options like story name, ai partner name, partner profile, partner headshot, protagonist, story background, customized plot, opening scene description, action, story summary, visibility.
Joyland AI
credit:- Joyland AI website
  •  After this you click on create and chat.
  •  Your bot or character will be ready. You can use it.

 How to use Joyland AI?

  •  We have told you above about creating a character, now we will tell you how to talk to the characters created by other people.
  •  For this, first of all you reach its home page And select your category.
  •  You can choose your favorite character by scrolling up and down, you just have to click on it.
Joyland AI
credit:- Joyland AI website
  •  When you click on it, a new page will open in front of you in which the option of side chat will be visible below.
  •  You can talk to it by typing in it.

 joyland ai plan/price

In this you get to see three types of plans which are given below –

Free: This is a completely free plan, in this you will get 50 credits daily with which you can talk to any character.

 Standard: Its price is $9.99 per month, in this you get the option of 100 images, NSFW chat unlimited with credit.

Premium: Its price is $ 19.99 per month, in which everything is available unlimited.

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How to get free credit in Joyland AI?

You have to go to your profile section and select task, in this you will get many tasks to earn credit, completing which you can earn.

  •  20 credits for sharing story
  •  Daily login rewards 50 credit
  •  New Registration 100 credit
  •  200 credits for joining Discord

Complete many other tasks and earn credit.

 Joyland AI review

You can see its reviews about it on Instagram, Twitter, discord, reddit. I found this platform quite good. If a person is alone and wants to share his thoughts with someone, then this tool is better for you. You can use it easily because its interface is very easy. You can easily create a bot. You must use it once so that you can understand it better.

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There are many such platforms in the market but the important thing is that it is more important to pay attention to whether they keep your data safe or not because the more good things are in the market, the more bad they are. People steal money from you by committing many types of frauds. This is a trustworthy platform. Till now no wrong information has been received about it. Still, you should use this tool for free and see if it is fulfilling your needs, if yes then you can take its pro or any other plan.


 Question: Is joyland AI free?

Answer: Yes, you can use it for free, you can earn credit by completing its tasks daily.

 Question: What is the official website of joyland?

 Answer: Its official website is

 Question: Is joyland AI safe?

 Answer: Yes, it is a safe tool, your data is not stolen through it nor is it a fraud website, you can trust it.



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