Nudify AI: The Best Image Editing Solution in 1 Click

Nudify AI: This is a text to image generator AI tool. In which whatever prompt you type using your imagination, this AI will generate and give the image related to it. Along with this, you can edit the generated image or uploaded image. The easiest way to use this tool is that it works in just 3 steps. First of all create an account, enter the prompt and the image will be generated.

The demand for such tools is going to increase in the coming time. People can use the images generated using this tool on social media or for selling photos. This can become a source of income. This will save your time and money. So that you can work on it in a better way.

What is nudified AI?

This is an image generator AI tool in which you can generate a picture of anyone, male or female and edit it. In this you get the options of both portrait and landscape, with the help of which you can use it easily. We will talk about how to use it below. But this tool also generates 18+ image and gives you it, if you are below 18 then do not use it.

By uploading an image in nudify ai tool, you can easily edit it and do tasks like eraser mode, removing objects etc. You can use paint, style, text to image edit in it. Machine learning and deep learning have been used in it so that it tries to understand the data better.

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Nudify AI pricing

In this you get to see plans like basic, pro, elite which are as follows –

Basic: Its price is $9.99 in which you will get 150 credits. Along with this, features like instant image generation, better quality are seen.

Pro: Its price is 29.99 dollars, in this you get 1000 credits, in this you get features like no watermark, description history, high quality image generation, filter.

Elite: Its price is 79.99 dollars, in this you get 500 credits, along with this, when you generate an image, it provides you 3 variants of the image. you can get better results.

In this, you do not get any credit on sign up, but if you get someone to login and buy credit through your referral, then it gives you a chance to generate 25 images.

Nudify AI login/sign up

  • First of all you have to go to and click on start editing.
  • After this you have to enter email ID and password and fill the captcha code.
Nudify AI
  • Then you will login into it and start using all the options of its dashboard.
  • Here you still have to take subscription only then it will generate the image.

How to use Nudify AI?

  • You have to login to the official website and reach its dashboard.
  • After this you will see the gallery icon, click on it.
  • So it will provide you three options, in this you will get the option of choose image, generate image from text (portrait), generate image from text (landscape).
Nudify AI
  • If you want to upload a photo then click on choose image.
  • If you want to generate an image then click on image from text.
  • Then you have to fill all the information like general, body type, age, breasts, hair colour, image style.
Nudify AI
  • After this you can also enter the description as to which type of image you want.
  • Then you have to click on generate. And the image will be generated.

Nudify AI features

  • It generates and gives you an image through text, you can also edit it.
  • So far more than 1 million images have been generated in it.
  • 200k+ people are using this tool.
Nudify AI
  • In this, 4.5k+ users are connected to the discord server.
  • It takes 10 sec to generate an image.
  • This tool also gives you a chance to earn credit, you can earn 25 credit from one referral.

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Nudify AI review

Nudify ai is a better tool to generate images of any type of boy and girl. In this, you can create images with new faces by using AI. You can use it in every social media platform. The best thing about this is that you can earn credit in it, so whenever your credit runs out, you can earn by sending this tool to a friend.

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You must use nudify ai once, for that you login into it and send referral to one of your friends so that you can get credit and you can use this tool. Do not recharge your credit without visiting its official website and having complete information about it because you should not invest unless it fulfills all your requirements.

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