Magic School AI: Revolution the Teaching Experience

Magic School AI: For educators committed to shaping young minds, the Magic School AI emerges as an invaluable tool, poised to redefine the teaching landscape. Designed with the dual objectives of time and cost efficiency, this tool’s AI capabilities promise to execute tasks in a matter of seconds, offering a significant boon to both educators and students alike.

One of the standout features is its ability to streamline assessments, providing teachers with a seamless means to evaluate student progress. Notably, the tool excels in simplifying the solving and review of mathematical problems, making it a valuable asset for math educators seeking efficiency in their instructional approach.

Beyond academics, the Magic School AI extends its support to the lighter side of teaching, generating a repertoire of jokes curated specifically for classroom use. Recognizing the importance of humor in fostering a positive learning environment, the tool offers suggestions on which jokes could resonate best with students.

A comprehensive suite of tools awaits educators within this innovative platform, encompassing multiple-choice assessments, rubric generators, report card comments, text rewriters, lesson plans, academic content, student work feedback, YouTube video questions, text-dependent queries, informational texts, IEP generators, math story world problems, song generators, text levelers, real-world connections, text translators, family communication emails, text summarizers, standard unpackers, math spiral reviews, professional emails, text proofreaders, and DOK (Depth of Knowledge) questions.

Join us on a journey where teaching meets technology, enhancing the educational experience and saving invaluable time for educators devoted to shaping the future generation.

Magic School AI
Magic School AI

What is magic school AI?

In the dynamic realm of education, the Magic School AI emerges as a groundbreaking tool crafted specifically for teachers. This AI-driven platform offers a diverse array of study-related tools, providing educators and students with an opportunity to enhance their capabilities manifold. By leveraging this tool, teachers can witness a tenfold increase in their efficiency, making it a valuable asset for both students and educators. As the education landscape moves towards increased reliance on AI tools, embracing Magic School AI today can pave the way for superior results in the future.

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Features of Magic School AI: Revolutionizing Teaching and Planning

Magic School AI stands out with its extensive range of features, encompassing planning, content creation, question generation, intellectual preparation, student support, communication, and community-building. With access to a total of 66 AI tools, each serving a unique purpose, this platform is a comprehensive solution for teachers and schools alike. The tool’s versatility spans from SEL lesson plans to YouTube video summarizers, ensuring that educators have a diverse set of resources at their disposal.

Some standout features include:

  • Raina, the Chatbot: Magic School AI introduces Raina, a chatbot designed to assist teachers by answering queries and providing guidance.
  • Chrome Extension Compatibility: Seamlessly integrating into the Chrome browser, Magic School AI ensures accessibility and ease of use for teachers navigating the online landscape.
  • Free Access: Magic School AI is entirely free to use, eliminating financial barriers and making advanced AI tools accessible to all educators.

  • Output History Tracking: Users can review and reference their previous work through the tool’s detailed history of generated outputs.
  • Language Preferences: Teachers can customize their language preferences, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Versatility for All Ages: From primary school to college-level education, Magic School AI caters to the needs of educators and students across various levels.
  • Rich Feature Set: With features like vocabulary list generators, thank-you notes, teacher observations, and science labs, Magic School AI provides a multifaceted toolkit for educators.

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AI Planning for Magical Lessons:

    • Lesson Plan Generator: Craft engaging and effective lesson plans tailored to the magical curriculum.
    • Real World Connections: Bridge the mystical with the practical, connecting lessons to real-world applications.
    • Project-Based Learning: Foster creativity and critical thinking through magical projects.
    • 5E Model Lesson Plan: Structure lessons using the Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate model.
    • Science Labs: Conduct magical experiments to bring science to life in the mystical realm.
Magic School AI

Content-Enriched Tools for Magical Learning:

    • Rubric Generator: Evaluate magical assignments consistently with customizable rubrics.
    • Math Story World Problems: Integrate mathematics seamlessly into the magical narrative.
    • Text Leveler: Adjust text complexity to suit the magical abilities of students.
    • Choice Board: Empower students with options for showcasing their magical knowledge.
    • YouTube Video Summarizer: Condense magical educational videos for efficient learning.
Magic School AI

AI Tools for Crafting Magical Questions:

    • DOK Questions: Develop Depth of Knowledge questions for magical assessments.
    • SAT Reading Questions Customizer: Tailor SAT-style questions to the magical curriculum.
    • Three-Dimensional Science Assessment: Assess magical science comprehension from multiple perspectives.
    • Text Analysis Assignment: Analyze mystical texts for a deeper understanding.
Magic School AI

Intellectual Preparation Tools for Magical Minds:

    • Standard Unpacker: Break down complex magical standards into digestible parts.
    • Clear Direction: Provide straightforward instructions for magical assignments.
    • AI-Resistant Assignment: Address common misconceptions through AI-generated assignments.
    • Concept Understanding: Reinforce magical concepts with multiple explanations.
Magic School AI

Student Support Tools for Magical Assistance:

    • IEP Generator: Develop Individualized Educational Plans for students with unique magical needs.
    • Behavior Intervention Suggestions: Guide magical behavior interventions with personalized recommendations.
    • Social Stories: Create enchanting narratives to support social and emotional learning in magical beings.
Magic School AI

Communication Tools for Magic School:

    • Report Card Comments: Generate personalized comments for magical progress reports.
    • Text Rewriter: Craft clear and concise magical communications for families.
    • Email Family: Maintain effective communication with the families of magical students.
    • Teacher Observation: Enhance teacher observations with AI-driven insights.
Magic School AI

Community-Building Tools for Magical Connections:

    • Teacher Jokes: Infuse humor into the magical realm with AI-generated teacher jokes.
    • Song Generator: Create magical tunes to enhance the mystical atmosphere.
    • Quotes of the Day: Share inspirational and magical quotes with the school community.
    • Team Builder/Ice Breaker: Foster unity among magical beings through team-building activities.
Magic School AI

How to Log In to Magic School AI

To access Magic School AI, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on “Sign Up Free,” which will redirect you to another page.
  3. Create your ID using either Gmail or email.
  4. Once your ID is created, you’ll reach the dashboard.
Magic School AI

Magic School AI for Teachers

This tool is beneficial for teachers across various subjects. Teachers can streamline tasks related to their subjects efficiently, saving time. The following teachers can benefit from this tool:

  • Special education teacher
  • Science teacher
  • Math teacher
  • Education teacher
  • Electives teacher
  • School administration
  • Elementary teacher
  • Higher education
  • Technology coaches
  • Sports coaches
  • Counselors
  • ESL teacher
  • Social studies teacher

Magic School AI Review

Considered as one of the best tools for teachers in schools or colleges, Magic School tool stands out for its free accessibility and the ability to use multiple tools simultaneously. Schools or teachers looking to develop a new tool can explore collaboration opportunities by visiting the “Work With Us” section on the homepage. By clicking “Apply Now” and filling out a form, they can submit their work for consideration, with the pricing determined by the collaborating company.

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The Magic School AI tool is gaining popularity in American schools and among teachers. Its versatility, combined with the fact that it is currently free, makes it an attractive option for educators. Trying out this tool now is a great idea, and while it’s currently free, there may be potential fees in the future. Thank you for reading!


Question: Is Magic School AI free?

Answer: Yes, Magic School is entirely free. There is no need for any subscription, and both teachers and students can use it easily.

Question: Is Magic School AI safe?

Answer: Absolutely, the company claims that Magic School AI is completely safe. It is designed not only to have no impact on the work of children and teachers but also to enhance their performance. The tool ensures the security of your data and keeps it limited to your access.

Question: Who is behind Magic School AI?

Answer: The credit for creating this tool goes to Adeel Khan, who is the founder and CEO of Magic School AI. Alongside him, the team includes Ilana Bye, an engineer, and Steffi Grado, responsible for marketing. In total, there are currently nine individuals in the team, including an intern named Olivia Hebert.

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