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Scale AI: With its help, you can implement Artificial Intelligence in a large system (like a company’s system) which will increase the efficiency of that system and lead to the growth of the company.  In the future, AI technology will do most of your work on its own. You just have to take decisions by analyzing the data received by AI. Scale artificial intelligence will help you in this.

With the help of Scale Artificial intelligence, it helps you in chat bot, data annotation and curation for autonomy, data generation and RLHF for LLMs, enterprise AI, model test and evaluation, public sector (defense, government and NGOs) and others.  This will increase the scale of your business, which will bring more benefits to your business and achieve user satisfaction.

What is scale AI?

With the help of Scale Artificial intelligence, you can create a new AI system for your business and by using it you can increase the scale of your business on a large scale.  It provides you scale generative AI platform.  So far, this company has helped people like Open AI, US Army, CDAO, Microsoft, Carper AI etc. in improving their systems.  It uses data to improve Artificial General Intelligence.

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Scale AI products

It provides you products like scale data engine, automotive, generative AI and RLHF, test and evaluation, scale generative AI platform, scale Donovan etc.

Scale AI government

It works in defence, federal and public sector.  It checks their system and fills it with AI so that their system starts working well.  In this it uses data and AI.

Scale AI solution

It provides solutions in the fields of retail and eCommerce, defense, logistics, autonomous vehicles, robotics, AR/VR, content and language, federal LLMs etc.

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Scale AI customers

Its customers open AI , CO:here , Adept , Carper AI , stability AI , US army , us airforce , Defense innovation unit , CDAO , Oshkosh , microsoft , meta , GM , toyota, etsy , Brex , flexport , instacart , faire , opensea  Is .

Scale AI resources

If you want information about the work done, future plans etc. then you can see their blog, about, events, careers, documentation, AI readiness report 2023.

Scale AI

Scale AI pricing

It offers you two types of plans which are as follows –

Enterprise: scale data engine, scale enterprise generative AI platform provides two options.  You can take a demo of any one of these plans and decide the price of that plan together with the company.

Self serve data engine: You can grow your business by taking demo of data annotation: bring your own workforce, data management.  In their demo you can upload 10000 images for free.

How to take demo of Scale AI?

  •  After this you will get the option of Book a demo in the home page.  Click on it.
  •  After this, a form will open in front of you in which you have to fill name, company name, job title, work email, phone number, project budget, data type description etc.  After this the submit button has to be pressed.
Scale AI
  •  People from the company will contact you.

Scale AI information

The company’s engineer director is Yuting Duan, chief product and technology officer Arun Murthy.  And its general manager is John Brennan.

Scale AI all departments

This company has business operations, finance and accounting z engineering, product and design, expert, go to market, it, marketing and communication, operations, people, public sector, quality assurance and recruiting department.

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How to contact Scale AI?

You can send them mail on the following email which is as follows –


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