Create real and anime girl photos with SoulGen AI

Soulgen AI: Artificial Intelligence that provides you the opportunity to generate images through text. In this you can generate pictures of real girl, anime girl. It also provides you the option to edit and extend the image. If you take it now, it will provide you a discount of up to 70%.

Today we will learn about soulgen and how to login into it, how to use it, which images will be generated in it etc. So that you can use it easily. It generates text to image using generative artificial intelligence

What is soulGen AI?

It generates photos with the help of AI machine learning and deep neural network, you can also use it commercially. No copyright problem will arise in Soulgen AI. Every text to image generated by this is unique in itself. You can easily use it to increase the engagement of your page on your social media platforms. The image created by it is very real. This is exceedingly challenging to distinguish.

How to login to Soulgen AI?

  • First of all, you have to go to Google and search the name and reach its home page.
  •  After this you will see the option of login and sign up.
  •  If you have already created an ID, you can use it by clicking on login.
  •  If you have not created an ID then click on sign up.
  •  In this you will see the option of continue with Google and continue with email.
  •  You can proceed by choosing any one of these options.
  •  When you link a Gmail ID to it. So you can use it.

How to use SoulGen AI?

You login and reach Soulgen AI home page, after which you will get the option of real girl and anime girl. You can select which girl’s photo you want. In this you also get the option of looks like. You select any one face.


Soulgen AI
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After this you have to select the hints tag in which options like action, body, clothing, raising arm, hair, face, scene etc. will be visible. In this you will get a ratio of 2:3. If you are using it for free then it will generate one image and if you are using its other plan then it will generate 4 or 9 images.

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After selecting all these options, you just have to click on Generate, it will generate the photo and give it to you.

SoulGen AI hint tags


In this Soulgen AI you get the option of standing, sitting, kneeling, raising arm, lying, crossed arm, grabbing, lifting oneself, strap slip, wide stance, squatting etc. out of which you can choose one.


You can also choose the body type of the girl in which you will see the option of bare shoulder, collarbone, back, midriff, navel, buttocks, thighs, legs, muscular.


How to dress the photo you want to make, for this you will need fishnet legwear, garter belt, top lift, skirt, miniskirt, underpants, lace trimmed legwear, high heels, undergarments, shorts, denim, swimsuit, tank top, swimwear, pencil skirt. , leotard, bow top, animal print, traditional clothes, stripped top, plaid top, strap, strapless top etc. are available.


You will see the option of brown hair, blonde hair, Balck hair, red hair, orange hair, white hair, multicolour hair, twin braids, braids, twin tails, ponytails, bangs, hair bun, curly hair, short hair, long hair.

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Soulgen AI gives you the option of brown eyes, blue eyes, closed eyes, green eyes, black eyes, eyeshadow, smile, grin, freckles etc.


If you want to choose in which scene you want to keep the girl, what will be its background, then you can choose on grass, tree, couch, kitchen, bathtub, merry Christmas, forest, plant, forest, lake, beach, sand, sky, curtains, Gives options of window, bed, showering, building, simple background, blurry etc.

Soulgen AI
Soulgen AI


In this you will get necklace, choker, hair ornaments, bracelet, gloves, ballon. Option of sunglasses, watch, hat, ring, tatto, cuffs etc. is available.


It gives you the option of looking at viewer, looking back, from behind, from below, frome side, from above, facing away etc.

soulgen pricing

In this you get to see free and pro version, the price of pro version is 9.99 dollars per month, if you subscribe for one year then you will get it for 69.99 dollars. You can make payment through PayPal, debit card or credit card.

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soulgen face swap

If you already have a photo and you just want to change the face, then you can use it, it has the option of deep swap or face swap. You should use it properly so that the privacy of any girl is not spoiled. With its help you can create any photo you want.

Recently, the face swap incident has spoiled the lives of many girls, so use it only for yourself, do not use it publicly as it may violate someone’s privacy.

How to do face swap with SoulGen AI?

  • First of all you have to go to or go to soulgen website and click on swap face option, then you will directly come to this page.
  •  After this you will get the option of ai video generator, ai photo generator, face meme gif maker.
  •  You choose any one of these and then login into it.
  •  And then you can use it.


If you want to fulfill your fantasy by generating a girl’s photo, then Soulgen AI is the right website or AI tool for you. This tool will also allow you to use these photos to grow your business. You can try its free version and only then buy its paid version.



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