Craiyon ai : Text to image generator

Craiyon ai: This is an AI tool with the help of which you can draw on any photo. In this website you just have to enter the prompt and it will do the rest of the work itself. This is quite a unique website. In this, a variety of 9 photos are generated simultaneously.

Today we will know about its price, discord, method of login etc. and how it works. So stay with us till the end so that you do not face any problem in running this Artificial Intelligence tool.

What is Crayon AI?

Craiyon is an AI image generator with the help of which you can draw your dream in reality. Whatever you think, you just have to tell it, it will generate more than one photo and give it to you. If you want to generate unlimited photos then you will have to upgrade it. Let it help you like Genie. Genie fulfills only 3 of your wishes but it generates 9 photos simultaneously.

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For this, you do not need to be an artist already, even if you are making any art for the first time, it has the power to easily convert your dream into reality.

Earlier its name was DALL.E mini which was later changed to craiyon.

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Crayon AI pricing 

In this you get to see 3 types of plans which are as follows –

Supporter plan: Its price is 5 dollars per month, in this you can generate 9 images in 45 seconds. There will be neither any watermark nor any ads in it.

Professional plan: Its price is 20 dollars per month, in this you can generate 9 images in 15 seconds.

Custom plan: Its price is not fixed, this plan is used in big businesses, for this you can contact them and make your plan as per your need.

How to use Craiyon AI?

  •  After this you will see the option of sign up in the top right corner, click on it.
  •  After this you will login into it through Gmail or other means.
  •  After this you will see the option of what do you want to generate.
Craiyon ai
credit : Craiyon ai
  •  You enter your prompt in this.
  •  After this click on draw.
  •  This will generate and give you 9 images.
Craiyon ai
Craiyon ai

How to find prompt for Craiyon AI?

When you generate any image from it, it also gives you some prompt options along with the image, you can use them if you want. There are many images already uploaded in this website, you can see the prompt of these images and make a new photo by changing it a little.

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Feature of Crayon

  • It reflects your imagination through photos.
  •  It also gives you prompt suggestions.
  •  It provides 9 photos simultaneously.
  •  You can also join discord through this.
  •  In this you get the option of blog, FAQ, contact, search, pricing etc.


This is a good text to image generator that turns your dreams into reality. If you want to try something new, then you should definitely use it once.

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Question: Is Craiyon AI free?

Answer: Yes, it is free, along with this, if you take its pro version then it will generate photos fast.

Question: Does craiyon AI generate HD photos?

Answer: Yes, it generates high quality image and gives you it.

Question: Is crayon an AI app?

Answer: No, right now there is no android application of this AI tool but as soon as its app comes in future, we will inform you.

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