Ideogram AI : Discovered the way to create free images

Ideogram AI: With the help of this AI tool you can generate text to image. It has been created by combining techniques like machine learning, neural network, deep learning etc. With its arrival there has been a revolution in the visual field. Nowadays, most of the creative work in the digital sector is being done by AI, due to which tools like Ideogram are acting as a game changer. It helps users to create logos, designs, artwork, social media images etc.

What is ideogram AI?

This tool developed by Generative AI provides you the option to generate text to image with the help of prompt. It provides you the option of photo, poster, 3d render, typography, cinematic, painting etc. In this you can create images of ratio 10:16, 1:1, 16:10. The interface of this website or tool is very simple, it only provides the option to generate. You have to enter the prompt and it will create an image and give it to you.

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How to login to Ideogram AI?

  • First of all you have to come to
  • When you open this page, you will first be asked to login.
  • You login into it with your Gmail account.
  • After this you will reach its home page.

Is ideogram AI free?

You can use Ideogram for free, there is no upgrade option, due to which it provides the same option for everyone. You just have to login into it and enter the prompt. It’ll finish the task for you.

Ideogram AI

What is the style of Ideogram AI photo?

In this you get the option of photo, poster, vibrant, graffiti, 3d render, typography, cinematic, painting, fashion, product, illustration, anime, architecture, dark fantasy, portrait photography, wildlife photography, conceptual art, ukiyo-e etc. . Using this you can generate a unique photo which will help in your work.

Features of Ideogram AI

It has the following characteristics which are as follows –

Text to image generation

When a user uses his creative power to prompt his dreams or imagination through text, then it generates that imagination through a photo and gives it to the user. This artificial intelligence will expand the scope of text to image technology in the future. In future, we will also be able to make 3D toys easily through these prompts.

Diverse Image Styles for Every Vision

You get to see a lot of image styles in this tool, it is capable of creating everything from anime to dark fantasy. We have already given you information about which styles are there in it above. You can read it if you want. The number of its styles also keeps increasing from time to time. This offers the consumer a positive experience.

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User-Friendly Interface: Where Creativity Meets Simplicity

Its interface is user friendly, you can easily login into it and it generates the photo and gives it to you in a short time. It works equally for experienced AI people and for new people because its home page is very simple, you just have to enter prompt, it will do the work for you. It gives you the option to search the prompt. Thousands of photos have been uploaded in its home page with which you can see its prompt.

Aspect Ratio Customization: Tailoring to Your Vision

In this, you are provided with three types of Aspect Ratio with which you can create photos of social media or photos of any other platform. You get to see ratios of 10:16, 16:10, 1:1. This is version 2 of ideogram in which it gives you 4 images generated simultaneously. You can use this image to make a poster, put it on your website, or post it on social media.

Regeneration for Refinement: Iterative Excellence

The creators of this tool believed that no creation is created in one go and its repetition is necessary, hence when any image is generated in it, you can generate it until you get an image as per your wish. Therefore, the option of remix is also provided in it. It can prove to be a good companion in your creative journey.

Creation Saving and Storage: Your Artistic Archive

This AI tool also provides you the option to save the generated image so that you can view it later and make improvements or use it. In any creation, we have to work on that thing again and again, this tool understands this very well and works on this principle.

Ideogram AI

Logo Creation: Crafting Professional Identities

It also helps you in creating a logo for any business or website. You just have to put your imagination and it will make it come true and give it to you. Because a logo is the identity of a company, the more attractive it is, the more people will use that company, hence with its help you can create a new and unique logo in just a short time. You will never face copyright ©️ problem on any logo created by it.

Randomized Inspiration with “Lucky Star”

Many times the user does not understand which image style he should choose so that it can go viral or the image created by him looks unique, hence it provides you the option of lucky star so that you can choose any two or three styles. gives . And helps in your image generation.

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How to use Ideogram AI?

  • First of all you have to login to and go to the home page.
  • After this you have to enter prompt in the search box.
  • After this you have to choose the image style.
  • After this you can choose Aspect Ratio.
  • After doing this you have to click on Generate option.
  • After this, some images will appear in front of you which will be created by AI.
  • After this, if you feel that this image is not as per your imagination then you can also remix it and generate the same image again.
  • You can keep doing this until you get the image you envisioned.
  • After this you can like or save it.


Ideogram AI is a very good AI tool for text to image generation. You should definitely use Ideogram AI once. Because it is free and its use is also very easy, its maker did not put any unnecessary thing in it so that the user’s experience of using this tool remains good.

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Question: Is Ideogram AI’s android app available?

Answer: No, there is no app available but there are many fake apps in the market in its name. The maker has said that in the future Ideogram AI Android and Apple versions will definitely be made so that the user can get more convenience.

Question: How is Ideogram AI different from other AI tools?

Answer: It does not just let you generate images, it also provides you the facility of poster, logo, sketch etc. And it is also free due to which it is different and better than other tools.

Question: Who can use Ideogram AI?

Answer: It can be used by people who are new in the field of art, digital creators, experienced people etc. Because its interface is user friendly.

Question: Can I choose the aspect ratio as per my choice in Ideogram AI?

Answer: Yes, you can select the aspect ratio as per your choice. With this you will get the correct proportion of the photo. And you will be able to easily use it on other platforms.

Question: What is Regeneration for Refinement feature in ideogram AI?

Answer: You can generate the image until you reach your desired result. Even after the photo is generated, you can re-generate it and change it as per your requirement.



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