Streamr AI : The Easiest Way to Advertise on Streaming TV

Streamr AI: With the help of Streamr, you can run AI-generated ads on streaming TV. The biggest advantage of this would be reaching the people who are relevant to your product or service. Let’s understand the benefits of this tool and how to use it in detail today.

What is Streamr AI?

Streamr AI is a chat GPT-powered AI tool where you can create ads and run them on any streaming TV platform. This enables you to reach the local market and target the right audience for your product or service.

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Streamr AI Sign-Up Process:

  • First, visit the official website of Streamr at
  • Then, click on sign up, which will appear in the top right corner.
Streamr AI
  • After that, enter your email ID and password.
Streamr AI
  • This will allow you to easily log in without any verification process.

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How to Use Streamr AI?

You need to enter your business name and click on “generate ad with AI.” This will create a video ad for you. There’s no charge for generating ads. Once you create ads, you also have the option to edit them. You can also upload your own ads, which can provide you with better reach.

Streamr AI

The company partners with major streaming TV platforms like Disney, ESPN, NBC, CNN, Fubo, Hulu, Fox News, Netflix, The Weather Channel, and HGTV to display your ads. You can run ads for free. This tool is suitable for startups and small businesses as it allows running ads on a low budget.

Features of Streamr AI:

  • You get to see the use of Chat GPT, which generates the script for video ads.
  • You can upload your own ads.
  • Audio is sourced from Eleven Labs, enhancing the audio quality.
  • You’ll need to pay $0.02 per view. It runs ads on various platforms.
  • You can set your own budget.

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How to Place Ads in Streamr AI?

  • Firstly, you need to specify your business name and the topic for the ads or upload your own ad video by clicking on “upload your own.”
  • Then, click on “launch on TV.”
Streamr AI
  • You’ll have the option to run ads ranging from $200 to $1000; you need to set your limit.
  • Then, enter your card number.
Streamr AI
  • Finally, click on “launch my commercial” to run your ads on TV.

Streamr AI Review:

The website lacks a contact page and an “about us” page. However, they have included YouTube videos in the FAQ section. They have created a TV ad for a restaurant called Virtual X Kitchen and are promoting it. If you’re considering using this tool, they have provided an email ID for contact. You can reach out to them for more information before using the tool. We wrote them an email, but haven’t received a reply yet.

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If this tool is genuine, it will likely be extensively used in the future. However, the owners should consider adding an “about us” page, a contact page, and social media links to their website to instill trust in users. Since this tool was launched in February, it’s possible that they are still working on it.

For more information on similar fun tools, you can read our other articles to enhance your knowledge in the AI field. Thank you.

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