Cramly AI : Increase student potential

Cramly AI: This is an artificial intelligence tool designed to help students, with the help of which you can easily do things like text generate, paragraph assistant, multiple choice solver, long essay assistant, math solver, discussion board, essay outline etc. . Along with this, it also rewrites the content and checks AI.

You can also earn money through Cramly AI’s affiliate link. It is much cheaper than jasper AI and copy AI. You can follow this tool on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, RSS. Today we will learn to use it and know what its benefits can be. How can this help a student?

What is cramly AI?

Cramly AI tool helps you by generating text, it is better than other AI tools because it is much cheaper than others, so you can easily use its premium version also. It helps in solving math problems, making social media posts, writing essays, writing blogs, writing emails, writing cover letters. In this you get to see 5 types of categories. Student, professional, writing, STEM, Fun etc. which you can use to do your assignment quickly.

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cramly pricing

It provides you with two different plan options that you can use to access its additional features.. Both these plans are as follows –

Annual plan: Its price is $3.99 per month in which you get the facility of unlimited questions, longer essay (up to 15 pages), improved AI, guaranteed unique output, anti plagiarism detection, 10+ AI template etc.

Monthly plan: Its price is 13.99 dollars per month, you can also take its one week free trial. In this also you will get all the facilities which you will get in the annual plan.

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How to login to Cramly AI?

  • First of all you have to go to
  • You then need to select “Sign Up.”
    You can then create your ID by providing your email address or Gmail after that.
  • After this you have to press the submit button. And you will be logged in.

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How to get free trial of Cramly AI?

First of all you have to login into it, after this you will see the option of get started with cramly, you have to click on it. After this you click on start free trial. After this you will be asked for credit card information, fill it. You have a week to utilize its free trial after filling it out.. If you want, you can end its subscription anytime within a week. If you want, you can ask 5 questions even without subscription.

Cramly AI for students

You have the following choices with this:


You can ask anything with the help of this tool, you put a prompt in it and it will provide you the answer.

paragraph assistant

You can make short and long essay by putting prompt in it.

multiple choice solver

It can be used to make tests and quizzes. Teachers and students will find this to be a useful tool.

Cramly AI

Long essay assistant

You can easily write a long essay of 5 or more pages in this, you will get this essay by doing well research.

math solver

This will help you solve complex math questions easily.

discussion board

You can paste a question or your classmate’s response to start a discussion in there.

college apps

You can prepare college related essay with its help.

Essay outline

This will provide you bullet points on any topic so that you can write a good essay.

Explain it to a child

If you have to explain something to a 5th grade child, then it will create an article in such a way that you can easily explain something to a small child.

cover letter generator

This will help you make a cover for any letter that stands out.

Article summarizer

If you do not want to read any article completely, then you can paste or upload that article and get it written briefly.

notes generator

Create effective notes and flashcard to get the most important information from any text

essay paraphraser

If you are not happy with an essay, you can paste it in and get it rewritten.

Sentence elongator

It facilitates extending any sentence into a lengthy paragraph.

Christmas card

While sending a Christmas card to someone, if you want to write best wishes in it, then you can use this.

song generator

You can commission new music written in a style, genre, or subject that suits you.

valentines card

You can use this tool to help you write meaningful notes to your girlfriend and boyfriend.

Instagram caption generator

This will prepare the caption for Instagram and give it to you.

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Cramly for professional

blog post

You can get any article written with its help. You have to tell it about that topic and give its outline, it will create an article and give it to you.

Email response

You can easily get the response written by pasting the email in it.

Cramly AI
Credit: Cramly.AI

cold email

This will also help you in writing targeted cold emails.

blog outline

It will list the essential points for a blog post.

blog intro

Cramly AI will easily give the introduction of the blog by writing it in short form.

testimonial generator

With its help you can generate 5 star reviews in a pinch.

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Because Cramly AI is cheaper than other AI, students can use it more easily and at less cost. If you are a student then you must use this tool which will help you in doing your work.


Question: Is cramly AI free?

Answer: Yes, you can use this tool 5 times for free. After this you can use it by taking a free trial of 7 days.

Question: How is cramly AI better than other AI tools?

Answer: This tool is cheaper than other tools which any student can easily buy.

Question: Is cramly ai safe ?

Answer: Yes, this tool is safe, it does not share your data with anyone. This data gets deleted automatically.



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