Caktus AI : school tool for students

Caktus AI: With the help of cactus tool, children can do essay writer, paragraph generator, hook generator, sentence expander, sentence rewrite, story generator, question solver etc. This is an artificial intelligence tool. Which provides 65 tools for children to study. So that children can do their homework.

This generative AI has been created for the children of caktus ai school so that it becomes easier for them to complete the work given in the class. And their intellectual capacity can develop. With the help of this tool, teachers can easily give homework. At present there are many AI tools in the market but this one is special among them, it has been created focusing only on school children. So that children get attracted towards it and study from it.

What is caktus?

This AI tool will help school children in doing their homework. With this, children can easily do their work by asking questions and along with it they can also acquire new information. This will help children solve math word problems and provide answers to their questions. Along with this, he will tell a story to the children. You can also join it in discord.

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what is Caktus pricing

In this you will see two types of plans which are as follows –

Base plan: Its price is $14.99 per month in which facilities like coding tools, academic sources are available.

Pro plan: Its price is $ 19.99 per month. If you take its year long plan then it will cost you $ 8.33. In this you get the facility of AI detection tool, newsletter, priority support, discord community role etc.

how Caktus AI log in

After reaching the official website, you will see the pricing option, click on it and then choose between base or Pro plan. After this you will see the option to sign up, after signing up you can choose a plan and use it. Since this is not a free tool, you cannot use it even as a trial.

what is Caktus tools

इसमें आपको निम्न टूल देखने को मिलते है जो इस प्रकार है –

  • Essay writer
  • Paragraph generator
  • Hook generator
  • Sentence expander
  • Sentence rewriter
  • Story generator
  • Conclusion writer
  • LinkedIn summary generator
  • Question solver
  • Math word problem solver
caktus AI
caktus AI

what is Caktus AI essay writer

You can easily write an essay on any topic with the help of cactus AI writer. It gives you features like clarity and focus, deep research and unlimited sources, meet and exceed academic standards, grammar and punctuation checks, fast and reliable, enhanced citation and referencing

what is Caktus/cactus AI for schools 

If any school wants to teach its children with the help of this tool, then go to its home page and click on the ai for schools option. After that a form will open in which you have to enter name, school name, job title, number of students, email and submit it. After this someone from cactus AI company will contact you.

caktus AI
caktus AI


Such AI tools prove to be very effective for the intellectual development of children, so that you can easily study without any tutor. This helps you in further education. Children should definitely use this tool once so that they can study with its help. Children should not use this tool continuously, it can reduce the intellectual capacity of children, but using it in a limited way will provide benefits to the children. AI tools are going to be used continuously in the coming times, so we will have to be prepared for it from now on.


Question: Is caktus AI tool free?

Answer: No, this artificial intelligence tool is not free.


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