Introduction: – Villie AI simplifies baby naming. – Features: gender reveal, parenting newsletter, gender predictor, AI name generator, and AI baby shower planner.

Engagement Features: – Interactive gender reveal game. – Connect through a parenting newsletter.

Fun Predictions: – Explore Chinese gender prediction. – Enjoy AI-generated name suggestions.

Efficient Planning: – AI-assisted baby shower planning. – Tailor donations and foster community support.

Security and User Experience: – Two-factor authentication for security. – Customizable profiles and avatars.

Post-Pregnancy: – Milestone tracker and parenting resources. – Facilitate virtual playdates.

Cultural Integration: – Enjoy cultural gender prediction experiences. – Add a unique dimension to the pregnancy journey

AI Baby Shower Planner: – Efficiently plan and organize with AI assistance. – Coordinate decorations, games, and gifts seamlessly.

AI Name Generator: – Customize name search based on preferences. – Receive unique suggestions tailored to criteria.

Conclusion: -Villie AI enhances family dynamics. -A user-friendly tool for a connected pregnancy journey.