Humanize AI is a free text-to-human-like-text generator tool that simplifies the process of transforming content generated by AI models like ChatGPT, Jasper into more human like language.

The tool is accessible through its official website. Once you visit the site, you can easily navigate through its user-friendly interface.

Copy and paste the content you want to transform into human-like language.

Input the captcha code provided to ensure human interaction.

Click on the "Humanize AI" button to initiate the content transformation process

To utilize Humanize AI, visit its official website to access the necessary features and functionalities.

The tool boasts a straightforward and uncomplicated interface, making it easy for users to navigate and effectively convert AI-generated content into a more human-friendly format.

Humanize AI will process the input and generate a human-like version of the content. The tool simplifies complex language and structures, making it more relatable.

Ensure that you enter the captcha code accurately. This step is in place to confirm the user's authenticity and prevent misuse.