Clearview AI: Facial Recognition Leader – Precision facial recognition for law enforcement and privacy debates.

Turbo Learn AI: Note-Taking Revolution – Streamlining note-taking with versatile plans for students.

Parrot AI: Meeting Efficiency – Meeting recorder and notetaker enhancing productivity.

AI Therapy: Social Anxiety Solution – Personalized interventions for overcoming social anxiety.

Kits AI: Audio Creativity – Audio generator empowering artistic expression.

Galaxy AI: Real-Time Translation – Inbuilt language translation on Samsung Galaxy 24 Ultra.

School AI: Educational Assistance – Multipurpose assistant for educators in diverse content creation.

Muah AI: Virtual Social Interaction – AI-powered conversations for those preferring online communication.

Meta AI: Multilingual Social Networking – Bridging language gaps in social networking with AI-driven translation.

Bing AI: Creative Image Generation – Chat and image generator for creative expression and research.

Bard AI: Conversational Information Retrieval – Google's tool simplifies information retrieval through chat interactions.