Introduction: – Remodeled AI utilizes AI for easy and affordable interior design.

User-Friendly Interface: – Over 823,476 users with simple email or Google registration.

Design Process: – Upload room photo, choose theme, and specify room type.

AI-Powered Remodeling: – Click "Start Remodeling" for AI-generated, photorealistic designs.

Features: – HD Photo Generation  – Cost and Time Savings – Diverse Themes – Realistic Design 

Commercial Usage: – Suitable for interior design businesses. – Generated images usable for commercial purposes.

Pricing Plans: – Standard Plan: $19/month (100 renders, premium support). – Pro Plan: $39/month or $390/year 

Shift from Traditional to Technological: – AI empowers users for personalized design. – Acceptance by over 823,476 users reflects a shift to AI-driven tools.

Efficiency and Popularity: – AI's efficiency shown by processing 1,630,566 photos. – Users visualize designs without lengthy consultations.

Economic Benefits and Commercial Viability: – Saves time and money by eliminating professional fees. – Commercial usage license caters to businesses in the interior design sector.