FireFiles AI transforms meeting note-taking by seamlessly converting spoken words into written text, saving users valuable time.

Ideal for sales, engineering, marketing, education, and more, FireFiles AI caters to diverse industries with its adaptable voice recorder and transcription tool.

Foster effective communication with collaborative features, including transcription, summarization, and search functionalities, enhancing teamwork.

Efficiently captures key insights during meetings, creating concise summaries that serve as valuable references for the future.

Tailor meeting notes to your needs with customizable templates, ensuring flexibility for various industries and organizational preferences.

With support for multiple languages, FireFiles AI ensures accurate transcription and note-taking in diverse linguistic contexts.

Easily identify crucial information by highlighting keywords and tagging specific sections within transcribed notes.

Seamlessly integrates with popular cloud storage services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, ensuring secure storage and accessibility from any device.

Enhance teamwork with collaborative editing, allowing multiple users to contribute to the same set of meeting notes.

Choose from free and affordable paid plans, offering various storage and credit options, making FireFiles AI accessible to a wide range of users.